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Covid Game can be played by 2 to 6 players, in which you will have to get all the vaccines while preventing your rivals from stealing, destroying or contaminating your vaccines. Our card game not only has spectacular graphics, but you can also use ingenious strategies to achieve more fun.

If you can gather your 4 healthy vaccines on the table, you will have won the Covid game!

But that is not so easy when your opponent is ready to use viruses against you.

Use all your protection before you go into a game "Lock down" to win! (covid game)

COVID Game includes:

• 84 Cards (For 2-6 people)
  ↳ Vaccines
  ↳ Protection
  ↳ Viruses 
  ↳ Special Cards
•A printed Rule Guide 

About COVID Game

We know perfectly well at the time that we created this game (COVID Game), with this we want to respect all those people who have suffered in some way or another COVID-19.

With Covid Game, all we want is a small distraction from the reality we are living. 

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