Be the first player to get all the vaccines. For this you need the 4 vaccines, blue, red, yellow and green.

If you can gather your 4 healthy vaccines on the table, you will have won the Covid game! We consider healthy vaccines those that are virus-free.

Contaminated       Healthy

Each player must always have 4 cards in hand at the beginning of their turn and can only perform one action per turn (except with the police card and card exchange, as we will explain later). After having played, the player will take a card from the deck to have 4 cards in their hand again.


If you don't like the cards you have, you can discard up to a maximum of two and take from the deck. That will count as one action; that is, if you discard a card, you will not be able to play until your next turn. Of course, the action cards cannot be discarded, so you can only discard viruses, vaccines or protections.


You have to play the cards either by placing them on the table in front of you to get all the vaccines or by using the other cards against your rivals. Here you must demonstrate your skills to be faster than your opponents.


The box contains 84 cards divided into the following types:

• Vaccines: 4 types of vaccines.

• Viruses: 4 ways to spread the virus.

• Protection: 5 types of protections.

• Action: 8 types of actions.


All the cards are shuffled and each player receives 4 cards. The remaining cards are turned face down in the center. In the discarded pile the cards are turned face up.


There are 12 types of cards which are marked with a symbol on the upper left or lower right, here we will explain how to use each of these cards.


"With these 4 cards you can win the game"

You will see this symbol in 4 different colours blue, yellow, red and green, collect these four healthy vaccines to win the game. You will not be able to win if any of your vaccines are contaminated by a virus.

Player A (Winner)
Player B

"Eliminate the vaccines of other players to prevent them from winning"

With viruses you can contaminate the vaccines of any player. You will not be able to contaminate the same player with more than two cards of the same colour, that is, if the player already has two red viruses, you will not be able to contaminate them with a third red one, this would have to be yellow or multi-coloured (or party card).

How to eliminate a vaccine from another player?

For example, if you have the blue vaccine and a red virus on it and someone adds another red or multi-coloured (or party card) virus to it, they have removed that vaccine and you have to get rid of those three cards.


Protection cards can remove viruses from your vaccines. As long as they are the same colour or multicoloured. The multi-coloured (or party card) virus can be eliminated either with the red or yellow protection.


In the game there are action cards with different functions. Action cards can alter the game to help you win. Use them to your advantage or to prevent your rivals from getting all 4 vaccines. You cannot discard these cards; you have to play them.

Swap hands
Steal a vaccine

This card can be used to steal a vaccine from any of the players. As long as it is not contaminated.

Toxic Vaccine

This is a toxic vaccine that you can use to remove all the cards of any player, both the hand and the table (the accumulated vaccines) forcing the player to take new cards from the deck.

Change Direction

With this card the order of the game changes direction from left to right or vice versa.


With this card the next player loses their turn, the only way to avoid this, is by throwing a mask or face shield, then this person can play one more card before taking 2 new cards from the deck.

Social distance (Losses a Turn)

With this card the next player loses a turn without being able to defend theirself.

Lock down (Suffle Hands)

'Shuffle Hands' The person who played this card must take everyone's hand and shuffle them. Then this person distributes them starting with the next player. Following this, the player will start his turn with the acquired cards and then take cards from the deck.

Copy Card

By using this card, you will be able to reuse the last discarded card that is on the table.


With one of these cards you can protect your vaccines in such a way that other players will not be able to contaminate them, you can only use two of these as long as your vaccines are not contaminated.

Tip to win: Get all four vaccines as soon as possible and try to protect them so that other players cannot contaminated them. The more you protect your vaccines, the more chances you have to win. Recommended for older than 8 years old.

With this card you can exchange your whole hand of cards with any player. Once you have the other player's cards in your hands, you can play one of the received cards, but you cannot discard them. The other player will start their turn with 3 cards, play and then take two from the deck.